We hope you enjoy the revamped edition of our first issue! We also added an article from Slovenia.

Next month we will have more expat tales for you about Lesley-Anne Brown in Denmark, Chuck Johnson in Japan, Stacey Lobban in Sweden, and Sokari Ekine in the UK.

Oh, there will also be another Back in the Day story! Aren’t those great?

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3 Responses to “March ’09 Issue Preview”

  1. SjP08 says:

    Love the new layout! Congrats!

    I recently learned about an issue looming in the UK about the golliwog. I must admit that until then, I had never heard that term or knew what a golliwog even was. I wrote about it here.

    I’d be much obliged if you and other Expats help spread the word about this racist creature and the racism that is at its very core.

    Much Obliged, SjP

  2. Adrianne says:

    Hej Sojourner! Thanks for stopping by. I wrote about gollowogs on the Black Women in Europe Blog. Check it out here.

  3. URL says:

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    […] Read More here: […]

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