Multi-talented Bonnie Greer was born in Chicago where she later studied with David Mamet before moving to New York to study at the Actors Studio with Elia Kazan. She has been living in Britain since the late 1980s. Bonnie regularly contributes articles to the Guardian, Telegraph, Independent and Marie Claire as well as appearing for comment on TV and radio. She has been a judge on many prizes including the Orange Prize for Fiction. Her latest play will be moving to the West End in 2009.

Her latest novel Entropy will be released in May. Here is a description of the novel:

Janet Bookman Baker is trying to come to terms with her father’s death and a weekend long ago when he disappeared without a word. She sits alone at night watching the lights in her neighbour’s garden, imagining his hands on her skin and listening to a voice on the radio. Although she has never met the owner of the voice, in Janet’s mind, Anna becomes her closest friend…

Unaware of Janet’s existence, Anna Taylor is facing a crisis of her own. When someone starts leaving her messages, she becomes convinced the person behind them holds the key to her past as well as her future. A mysterious 19th century photograph seems to link the two women, but as they discover the ties that bind them, they are forced to question all they know, and to ask themselves whether they are prepared to risk everything to be free.

Read Bonnie’s interview with her publisher.

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  1. Here’s a film from the Foreign Office featuring Bonnie Greer talking about UK culture from the British Museum:

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