Welcome to “black and abroad, too“, a program that inspires today’s black woman to travel abroad created by Carolyn Vines. Listen in and find out who the program is for, what it intends to achieve, why I created it and how I’ll get my message across. Enjoy!

Editors note: Carolyn Vines in the creator of the award-winning black and (A)broad website and author of the book of the same name. Read our interview with Carolyn.

Adrianne George, founder of Black Women in Europe, the premier networking site for black women living in and traveling to Europe, joins this episode of “black and (A)broad, too”. In part II of my interview Adrianne shares her top tips for successful relocation in and travel to Europe, how a selfish gesture has helped hundreds of black women connect and why traveling is good for the mind.

Listen to Adrianne’s interview.

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