Welcome back to another issue of Black Expat! In this issue we again span the globe from interviews in the Middle East, South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia. As a reminder for those who love our interviews, remember that many of the cost of living information is at the end of the articles so if you decide to make a move, you at least know how to make a preliminary budget!

We also would like to apologize for the late release but would like to wish our creative director Derek, a speedy recovery. Getting this issue out was not easy to do without him. We hope he is back soon!

In this issue:

Andrea Adams chronicles living the dolce vita in her new-found hometown of Florence, Italy

Christina Westbrook describes the joy and trials of living and working in Beirut, Lebanon

Wayne Branch talks about the freedom he feels becoming a Latin American expat shuttling between Colombia and Costa Rica

Ivory Simone faces her fear of strange fruits in embracing health and Thai culture in Thailand

Black in the Day describes many prominent Black Expats in the Middle East in the 20th century

Once again your comments and especially stories of your experiences are welcome!

Reginald Smith, Editor

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