Carolyn Moncel

It takes a dedicated person to pick up and move around the world for family, but that is exactly what Carolyn Moncel did.  In 2002, just having given birth two weeks earlier, she moved to Paris with her French husband in order to be closer to his family. It would be a permanent move abroad. Originally hailing from Chicago, she had not even traveled overseas before until she first met her new in-laws in 1997. In her own words, it was a “terrifying yet liberating experience.” In addition, like many expats she was permanently changed as a result, “I thought that I was an adult before I left the United States, but living abroad really made me grow up because everything I knew about anything came into question…I know exactly who I am now, what I am made of and what I can do if I really want to.”

One thing that helped Carolyn in her move is her since of entrepreneurship. She had started a new business in the US while pregnant with her second child and was able to carry it abroad and tweak its focus to her customer’s needs. Her first business,  Motion Temps LLC, was a virtual assistance firm and while abroad it has transformed into bilingual web content creation and project management. Fortunately, the transition was relatively seamless because she found her first project in France before even arriving in Paris! Given finding a firm to sponsor European Union (EU) work visas is notoriously difficult, this gave her options many others do not have.

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