Moving house

We are moving from Sweden to England in just a couple of months. When I moved from my hometown in the States to Belgium instead of paying for storage I gave away what I didn’t need or want and stored my most precious things I didn’t want to take with me at my parents’ house.

I have a friend who has had her things in storage for years. She moved to Sweden but left her most precious things in Los Angeles. And she still has them stored there today even after moving back to the States. I have often wondered if I should have stored my furniture and kitchen pots and pans and plates, etc instead of giving them away.

I actually don’t regret that. I needed to get rid of the things that would have tied me down in order to make my big move. But now that I am moving again and this time with a husband and twice the things, I have twice as much to consider.

It is proving tricky to find a place to live that we consider suitable that matches our dates. What if we have to rent a place for a couple of months before finding the ideal place for the long term? That is where self storage makes sense to me, for short term needs. But I do understand long term needs to. I think I could live with self storing my things for a few months (maybe longer) while we find our “dream home”.

Moving countries is a lot of work and you have to get it right or you question why you moved in the first place. I am excited about the move and have accepted using storage if need be. Wish us luck!

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