Finding comfort through memories of Bingo

The hardest thing about choosing to live a life in a foreign country is trying to find the right way to achieve the same level of comfort as they had back in their country of origin. The stress imposed on an expat becomes exponentially harder to manage if they live somewhere that has had constant discussions about immigration reform that makes the environment tense for foreign workers.

Just recently, a nationwide campaign launched by the Home Office of the UK that had advertisements targeting illegal immigrants aggressively was shelved indefinitely after The Advertising Standards Authority placed a ban on the posters. The campaign did not just impact illegal immigrants, but also created a hostile environment for people working in the country legally. The Independent also reports that the campaign has resulted in more than a hundred complaints, with affected individuals believing the number to be higher than reported.

For anyone who grew up in a close-knit community that held weekly bingo events at their local church, this sort of fear mongering is a far cry from a society that stressed the value of each member. Instead of relaxing and integrating with new neighbors and friends over a few friendly games, foreigners now feel more isolated than ever.

It was a campaign that undercut the value that an individual provides in a blanket and ill-managed campaign of extremism. In fact, a study published by the National Institute for Economic and Social Research showcased how hiring skilled foreigners acts as a crucial part of increasing efficiency for many UK-based companies.

To the benefit of worried expats, not all companies share the same divisive opinions as the legislators behind the cancelled campaign. CheekyBingo on Twitter owes a lot of their long term success to a thriving community of gamers cut from all types of cloth, engaging constantly with 7000-plus loyal followers, including locals and expats alike. The company hopes to bring the fun and familiarity of playing Sundaynight bingo with a supportive environment to the expatriate community.

While it can be tough at times living abroad, enjoying the little things that people cherished from their childhoods can make even the hostile scenario that much more tolerable.

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