Derek McCullough in the Caymans

This year we lost a valuable member of the Black Expat team. Derek McCullough was a creative genius, a perfectionist, and a kind and gentle soul. He embraced his work at Black Expat as an outlet to share his talents and the stories of expats living in every corner of the world.


Black Expat logo designed by Derek McCullough






As a graphic designer, Derek not only created our Black Expat logo and was responsible for our template, layout, and features he contributed to sourcing interviews, content, and the overall tone of our digital publication. He also helped manage our Facebook page and was a continuous source of inspiration.

Derek was an expat himself having lived and worked in England, Spain, and Sweden. He has left behind a sister, nephew, cousins, a god daughter and friends around the world. We consider ourselves fortunate to be among his friends and colleagues and will miss him. His hard work will never be forgotten and his generosity not easily imitated.


Reggie Smith and Adrianne George

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