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Costa Rica is beautiful with white sandy beaches, beautiful scenery and homes and everyone wants to become a part of an area where every day is a vacation. Traveling around the world is a great way to live life as fully as possible and many happy expats seem to love life in Costa Rica. However, how do you move your life from one country to another and make sure that all your personal belongings are safely moved when you move? Starting over completely is one way, but there are other affordable options to ensure that your family, belongings and even the family vehicle makes it to the new home safe and sound.

Shipping Household Items

Using a shipping container is highly recommended when moving the belongings of an entire household from one country to the next. This container can hold all of your items, while providing them with the necessary protection that is needed to keep them safe. You can usually have them arrive to the new country, brought to the new home and unpacked within a month.

These shipping containers are large, so even if you currently reside in a four-bedroom house, your items can be accommodated within the containers. Additionally, the items are protected against any outside elements and are affordable for those that have an abundance of personal belongings to ship.

Getting Your Vehicle to Costa Rica

Bringing your belongings might not be the only plan on your agenda. Here is how you can bring the family vehicle with you during your move to Costa Rica, as well.

Obtain a quote from a shipping company. You can even get a few different quotes and compare them, but going with a company that is dependable should be higher priority than finding one with a lower price.

  1. Give the company your hard copy and another copy of the title and bill of sale. If your vehicle currently has a lien on it, proof of this also must be shown to the shipping company.
  2. Submit the required documentation to the shipping company. Paperwork is involved when shipping items from one country to another. When shipping overseas, you will need to show proof of ownership of the car.
  3. The vehicle should be checked out by a mechanic, cleaned thoroughly and repaired as best as possible if anything is wrong with it. This is to ensure that nothing is loose inside it, and that it is in the best possible shape before being sent to Costa Rica. You’ll also want to ensure that you take pictures of the vehicle before it departs to document the pre-shipment condition and hold the pictures in a file until the car is delivered in Costa Rica.
  4. Check into your insurance company to find out if they provide shipping insurance on your vehicle. If you’re going to be using a different provider within Costa Rica for the vehicle, purchasing shipping insurance from the direct shipping company can also be obtained. You will also want to be sure you purchase a local insurance policy for the car when it arrives in the country.
  5. The vehicle can either be brought to the port where it is going to be shipped from, or the company can come and pick it up. Arrangements for either of these options will be discussed with the company when hiring them for the shipping. If you live close enough to the port to bring the car on your own, you can save a little money on the overall shipping costs by taking care of that yourself.

Negotiate the Price

A lot of people do not think that they can negotiate with a company regarding their prices. This is not true. Just like buying a vehicle for the first time, the price can always be more accommodating to your specific needs and wants during this transition. When you speak with the right company, they’re better able to cut a deal with you, especially if you’re moving more than just your vehicle with them. They can also include insurance for all your items when you use their company over their competitors in the market. If you are active or reserve military, many companies also offer discounts, so be sure to ask about military discounts or other discounts that you may be eligible for to help save a little money on the move.

Find the Right Shipping Company

Finding the right company that not only values your thoughts, opinions and items but also your business is key. The right company will meet all of your needs, while also working with you on a price. This is a big move and you should have someone you trust behind you. It is important to speak directly with the companies regarding the needs that you have, as well as what they’re able to provide you with. By speaking directly with them, you can get a feel for how they do business.


Speak with a live agent with the auto shipping company so you can be assured that you’re working with a company that cares. The company should provide valuable, affordable and dependable services to those that need to move their items from one country to the next with ease and confidence.

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