Moving to a new country can be an exciting transition to a new life, and with a new life comes new hobbies. If you’ve moved to Japan, you might find yourself spending time in karaoke bars, and if you’re new to England, you’re probably taking high tea every afternoon. The best way to get to know people in your area is to take up a new hobby. Take some inspiration from the world’s most famous celebrities, who have filled their jetsetting free time with some of the most interesting activities, from spearfishing to fencing.

Gladys Knight is known for her incredible vocal range and is listed as one of Rolling Stone’s Greatest Vocalists of All Time, but the Empress of Soul has been known in the past for her love of Baccarat and once spent $40,000 on a game. Living in Las Vegas for 25 years made her no stranger to the game, and she often found familiarity in the table when she was touring after playing solitaire in her dressing room. You might not feel quite ready to hit the tables in the local casinos, and online gaming makes it easier to practice alone when you don’t yet know anyone. Bonus Canada lists lots of introductory games, which you can visit today for some practice.

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Tiger Woods has also been known to enjoy getting suited and booted for the casino, however he has an even more niche hobby in Spearfishing. You might not necessarily see this as a group activity, and it is only possible if you live near a lake, but once you get to know people you could arrange a weekend to enjoy this together. It is a great way to keep in shape and have fun with new friends and having a cook out afterwards makes a great way to end the day.

In his spare time, Will Smith enjoys fencing. The comedian and rapper first played the sport with friend Tom Cruise, but has continued to play when he has breaks from filming. The duo have also been seen jumping out of helicopters together. Although it may seem ancient, fencing is becoming more popular around the world, and like spearfishing, it can make a great workout. It is also a fantastic way to meet people in a new environment, and although it may get slightly competitive you can all head to for a drink after knowing that you gave each other a sporting chance.

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It can be difficult moving to a new country, and sometimes you need to give yourself a bit of a push to meet people. It can also be daunting to try something new. However it will give you a chance to meet people and also get out and about in your new city. You may well find that it takes a few tries to work out what you enjoy doing most, and you could find that you want to do everything, but there is nothing wrong with filling your free time with new activities!

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