We may never be the world’s best tennis player but we can invest in our futures.

Create a free investment plan with Ellevest* that crunches the numbers based on the realities of gender-based pay.

Let’s not forget how bad as* Venus Williams is. She is a former world number 1. She and her sister Serena dominated women’s tennis for years. The Washington Post wrote an article about her titled How Venus Williams got equal pay for women at Wimbledon. Ava DuVernay made a documentary about her title Venus Vs. She designs women’s tennis clothes among other projects. She’s good with her money.

On International Women’s Day 2019 we listen to what Venus says about Ellevest, women and money. Read Ellevest’s investor spotlight on Venus Williams.

Venus Williams, Why did you invest in Ellevest?

Venus Williams, Why is it important to close the gender investing gap?

Venus Williams, Why is it important for women to be financially powerful?

Venus Williams, What does #investlikeaboss mean to you?

“We want you to meet Ellevest because Black Expat is super excited to be working with them to start this conversation about women and money, and we will receive compensation if you become an Ellevest client.”

*Ellevest clients must have a US bank account.

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