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Reginald Smith, Editor

Me in Brussels at ZN

Adrianne George


Derek McCullough
Creative Director




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  • eddie

    i,m an afor-american expat living in tokyo. i,m the vicitm of police harassment. can anyone help me?

  • BlackWomenInEurope

    Check out the Black Tokyo group on Facebook. Maybe someone there can help

  • Shawn Kimberly Gatewood

    Greetings, BE!

    I recently discovered your publication…loving it!

    I am in the process of applying for ESL opportunities in Asia, and was so inspired by this month's issue which features several expats who seem to be enoying the continent; adjusting quite well to their chosen Asian country.

    Also, thought I'd share a recent NYT article of interest. It highlights the choice being made by many Americans to renounce their U.S. citizenship due to double taxation.

    Keep up the good work. I look forward to being blessed and inspired by forthcoming issues…enjoy!


  • BlackWomenInEurope

    Glad you liked the issue Shawn and thanks for sharing the NYT link. I've
    never thought of renouncing my citizenship but will try to understand why
    others would.

  • Kym Page

    Looking forward to the forthcoming issue of BE! Is a sneak preview available? :)

  • BlackWomenInEurope

    We can say that it will be another Asia issue!

  • Kym Page

    Great! Can't wait!

  • Rick

    Do you all have any info on the African American expatriate community in South Africa?

  • BlackWomenInEurope

    Hi Rick,

    I know a couple of people living there but have not had a chance to
    interview them.

  • Cometonigeria

    This is a great website. I love to get many more information about Nigerians making waves outside Nigeria. can make this happen. My website online and in print is working hard to showcase them.

    Many thanks


  • Hosea

    Is this site still active? If so are you aware that when you do a yahoo search there is a warning about clicking on or downloading anything from your site. 

  • BlackWomenInEurope

    Really? I just did a Yahoo! search for this website and did not receive any warnings.

  • Ajia

    Black woman traveling from DC to China 2-9 NOV and looking for good folks to connect with. Any happenings?

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