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3 Responses to “Expense Guide”

  1. Seldomseenallover says:

    I have the opportunity to relocate to Singapore on a contract for at least 1 yr, with possibility for extensions. I am trying to consider what a fair contract rate per day is. According to the firm I will not be compensated for travel, or expenses, the rate will be all inclusive, I was quoted a rate but am not sure if it is a fair rate. It is in the technology field for a large multinational. i have 15 yrs experience in the field.


  2. With 15 years experience in your field you are probably in the relevant professional networks. I would ask around there, particularly with the HR people to find out what kind of expat packages they offer. Some expat tax experts in the region may also be good sources. Once you know the cost of living and what your actual expenses will be you are in a better position to negotiate.

    Sounds exciting!

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