Expat Groups, Facebook Pages and Blogs Around the World!





Asia General

Blacks in Asia (Facebook)



Life Behind The Wall – Thoughts and Experiences of a Black American Woman in China


Black Tokyo

South Korea

Brothas and Sistas of South Korea (Facebook)

Kiss My Kimchi – Survive & Thrive in Korea


Europe General

Black Women in Europe


Adventures in Wheelville – Brainy, Bigmouthed and Black by The Balkans


A Soul Sister in Switzerland

Special Interest blogs by Black Expats

Fly – Tackles international travel in unabridged, unapologetic, full and complete color.

Oneika the Traveller – Catch me if you can!

Thanks for the Food – Cooking real food everyday without going broke in Norway…

The World Native – Study Abroad Information For Students Like Us

Who’s World – Explores the hidden treasures of Black history and culture around the world.

Black in Latin America – A blog by an expat in Colombia who has lived there and Costa Rica.

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    What a GREAT website!

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