Reginald Smith, Editor

Winter 2010 Issue

Well it’s been over two years since Black Expat first kicked off.

We are still going strong and look forward to sharing many wonderful stories from adventurous folks around the world in 2011 and beyond. Often times people use fear as a crutch to stay in their comfort zone. There are common questions for many who travel for the first time from family and friends: “Are there any Black people there? Do they like Black people? Why are you going?”

We would definitely encourage everyone to not let such fears limit you and travel to your heart’s content. Granted, we would advise you to be an aware traveler and to avoid dangerous situations but do so based on knowledge and not hearsay.

In this issue, we have several stories from three continents. In addition to Alison McKenzie in Austria; we talk to the dynamic Carolyn Vines about her life with her Dutch husband and family in the Netherlands; Tanzanian Mbarouk Rashid who traveled from the island of Zanzibar to Sweden; Olive Vassel, a Brit of Caribbean descent who now lives in Washington DC, and finally Nick Chung gives us the details of his transforming stay in Fortaleza, Brazil. This month’s Black in the Day feature highlights the achievements and valor of Blacks in the Abraham Lincoln Brigade which fought in the Spanish Civil War for the Republican cause. An interesting if rarely told piece of history.

Once again, we hope you enjoy this last issue of 2010 and keep the feedback coming!

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