Spring Issue 2011

From The Editors’ Desk

Interview: Roxanne L. Scott – remembers Costa Rica & Mexico

Cambodia Through a Cameroonian Lens

Jazzing up Asia: Mandy Gaines, jazz singer

Jemitra Hairston – Behind the Green Doorway in the Netherlands

Black in the Day: Black Expats in Early Modern Hawaii


Summer Issue 2011

From The Editors’ Desk

Interview: Brian Dye – Shares his Seoul

Ms. Adamu went to Hungary to study medicine and plans to return to Nigeria a doctor

Oneika Raymond in Hong Kong: Teaching and Travelling in Southeast Asia

Natasha Semone Vassell: Charmed by Italy and Germany

Black in the Day: Blacks Down Under


Autumn/Fall Issue 2011

From The Editors’ Desk

Interview:Dennison Bertram, photographer and filmmaker in Milan

Arlene Gibbs – The Eternal City suits this native New Yorker to a T

Dr. Andrea Stith: Professor in Shanghai

Tanya J. Tait – From Kingston to Nice

Black in the Day: African-American Missionaries in Africa


Winter 2011/12

From The Editor’s Desk – Winter 2011/12

Interview: Whitney – Settled in Stavanger, Norway

Claire Requa – Designing a life in Copenhagen

Scandinavian Insight with Roland Williams

Realising a dream in Lund, Sweden

Snapshot: Herta Boakye-Yiadom, Gothenburg, Sweden

Laverne Wyatt-Skriubakken – Integrating with no money and no Norwegian

Black in the Day: Black Expats in Scandinavia


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