Arielle Loren is the Editor-in-Chief of CORSET, the go-to magazine for all things sexuality. She’s lived in 3 countries and traveled across many more, as she’s built a career writing for major media outlets and empowering women to embrace their sexual selves.


Place of birth: Princeton, New Jersey, USA.

Background: I grew up in a large suburb in central New Jersey. In college, I moved to the UK to study at the University of London School of Oriental and African Studies for a semester and then lived in Sevilla, Spain for another semester to study social work, psychology and sociology from a Spanish perspective. After school, I worked for a bit in New York and then moved to Brasil for 8 months as I made my first serious jump into entrepreneurship by starting Corset Magazine, the go-to magazine for all things sexuality.

Self awareness discovered while living abroad: When I moved to Brasil, I learned so much about myself in terms of the lifestyle I want and the freedom that I have to have as a human being living on this earth. I loved having the liberty to go to the beach or visit natural waterfalls in the mountainside without having to spend a ton of money. I also realized that I don’t have to be stressed as I pursue a profession and make a living. I completely felt and saw a different side of myself compared to how tense I usually am in New York. I really got to live and that in itself was a blessing as I worked on Corset Magazine.

Arielle Loren in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Living abroad’s downside and dealing with it: Being gone and away from friends and family means you will often miss important events and things that occur in their lives. When I’d talk to my closest friends, younger sister, and numerous other family member, I did feel a bit disheartened even selfish that I was away for some important events. But I had to remind myself that I have to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order for me to be fully healthy and present in someone else’s life. So I give myself the space to be away and when I do visit home, I make sure to be home and present as much as I can in my loved ones’ lives.

New life ethics adopted since living in Brasil: Working less and living on less! I got rid of so much junk in my life from material things to spiritual weight in Brasil, and it changed me for the better. In the U.S., I thought I needed more and needed to do more to live than I really did, and I learned that sometimes minimalism is your best friend. So I’ve learned to live on the basics, work less, play more, and put my money and effort toward having great experiences versus unnecessary items.

The importance of knowing and using Portuguese: My Portuguese is decent, but I would say that you must have a working knowledge of the language to really live in Brasil and enjoy it beyond being a tourist. I had a lot more fun the more Portuguese I learned because it allowed me to make more friends. Plus, you save a lot of money when you can use the language to navigate the local culture and get local prices for items you would normally be overcharged for as a tourist.

Income, lifestyle and work adjustments: I didn’t have to live on less income, but I made a choice to work less to play more, and sometimes that has financial consequences. Thankfully, I make enough money from my magazine and freelance writing/marketing side careers to live pretty well in Brasil. Since I was being paid in USD currency, my money went a longer way. But even though Brasil is the most expensive country in South America, it’s still cheaper than living in New York City, so I got a lot more bang for my buck.

Goals achieved while living abroad: I launched Corset Magazine successfully on an international scale. I learned to survive and live well without a 9-5 job. I made a ton of new friends who have become like family. I was able to let go of a bunch of stress and anxiety about my career and life in general. But most importantly, I was able to just live and that the biggest accomplishment in itself.

What living abroad taught has taught her: “I am human. I am powerful. I am resilient. I am capable. I am exactly who and what I want to be.”

In the Pelhourino neighborhood of Salvador Brasil
Photo credits: Arielle Loren images in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil by Orin McRey. Arielle in the Pelhourino neighborhood of Salvador Brasil by Tanya Welsh.

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