Born: Miami, Florida, USA


Status: Married with children whom have dual citizenship.


Countries he has lived in: Spain and since 1998 has lived in Fredrikstad, Norway.


Reflections about his first trip abroad:

• Strange! New and exciting!


When the realization of wanting to be an Expat hit him:

• Three weeks before I moved to Spain.


That he wanted to live abroad:

• After experiencing the European way of living.


Marriage to a person from another country which caused you to move?

• Yes!


Were your children born abroad?

• Yes.


Byron’s most enlightening experience while living abroad:

• Starting a family and watching it grow!


His most disheartening experience while living abroad:

• Missing my family and friends


New customs adopted from living in Norway:

• Christmas celebration


Customs from home most missed:

• Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, ect…


Proficiency level in the local language:

• Good.


Any problems with making new friends?

• Well I’m very outgoing so that has never been a problem.


Expat community connections where you live:

• Democrats Abroad, and some Americans live abroad also.


Ways of keeping in touch with family and friends from home:

• Telephone and traveling back every once in a while.


As an entrepreneur is it difficult to find a job or to start a business?

• No, not when you are able to communicate with them.


Have you found that you have to live on less income?

• No!


How hard is it to find a good place to live?

• Not hard.


Opportunities to buy property?

• With money, all is possible.


Byron’s top 3 attractions or places of interest:

• Mountains, Ocean and free time


The best places to vacation in Norway:

• As a single person: In the south of Norway

• Couples: Oslo

• Family with children: In the south of Norway


Goals achieved while living abroad:

• Re-educated myself.


What living abroad has taught him:

• That I am able to interact with different people, and feel good about myself.


Do Blacks (or foreigners in general) in your view have any problems with adjustment or


• I think that it takes a strong minded person to make the move outside the US. And in saying this, we have learned how to get around it.


Advice you would give to a friend or relative who is considering moving abroad:

• Be prepared for the initial culture shock, and adjust to it accordingly! Try to see things as they are here, and not as they are in the states.


How life as an expatriate has changed who he is:

• Made me able to see things from a different perspective.


Living & Spending in Norway

Monthly rent:

• Average $1600

Cost for meals:

• Average $2000

Transportation costs:

• $2000 per year

Compared to your home country are most things cheap/same/expensive?


Recommended living budget:

• $50,000 per year.

How modern are basic amenities/infrastructure?

• Very modern.

Any legal hurdles all foreigners have to face to live there?

• Keep your nose clean, and everything will go OK.

Top 3 things he recommends someone to bring when they come:

• Grits, Kool Aid and Shake and Bake.

You can find out more about Byron by visiting his website:

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