The International Institute of Education ( is an organization which sponsors programs and research to support study abroad and international education for all nationalities around the world. Each year they publish a report on international student flows called “Open Doors”. In these reports are always demographic breakdowns of US students studying abroad and here is the trend from the last few years from the 2008 report:

US Study Abroad Demographics

US Study Abroad Demographics

As you see, African-Americans (about 12% of the population overall; not sure the % of higher education students) are only about 3.8% of students studying abroad. There could be many theories, financing, lack of programs at schools they attend, fear or ignorance of going abroad, major selection, etc. but we still believe this is a problem that should be fixed. Especially in the 21st century.


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  1. Adrianne says:

    Thanks for this Reggie.

    I can recommend a study abroad program in Athens:

    My friend Vivian teaches there.

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