Black Chibi Magic
Aren’t these adorable? With a wide selection of choice, you’ll find one for all of your loved ones.

Which One Will You Bring Home?

What black child wouldn’t love a black doll in their image? I now I loved my Julia doll growing up. Maybe I had others, but she was my favorite. Forget Barbie, I had Julia! And I put her in my Barbie Country Camper.

Lola started making these mini dolls in February of this year in Croydon, England. Using modern technology, they are 3D printed.

Lola Atobatele and her wares. Adorbs and important. We need to be reflected daily in a positive way.

I  started  the  company  this  year  due  to  the  fact  that I  have  a  3 year  old  who  is  now  into  cartoons. I  just  saw  they  were  not  a  lot  of  black  characters  so  I  decided  to  make  all  my  favourite  cartoons  into  black  characters

Lola Atobatele
Black Chibi Magic

This Black Panther inspired Shuri Mini Doll can be used as anything. For example a key chain, earrings, necklace or ornament.

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