Whether by interview or an original written article, we invite you to share your experiences with the global community of  Black Expat Magazine readers.

Our submission guidelines are as follows:

To be a subject of a future interview or story profile:

Please download our Interview Questionnaire below to answer:

Black Expat Interview Questionnaire PDF

and email back to, please copy all photos to


Requirements for submitting an article:

1. Must be your original work and include a photo of you. Additional photos that depict where you live are encouraged.

2. If it has been published before, be sure that you own the rights to it.

3. 1000 words or less.

4. Topic must be related to your life as an Expat or be about a travel experience.

5. Topic can be an abbreviated city or country guide based on where you currently live abroad or where you have lived abroad.

6. Article can be funny!


Or You can contact us directly for any further information:

Thank you for your continued support of Black!


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2 Responses to “Article & Interview Submissions”

  1. Koppar says:

    I am a Graphic Designer and third year degree student based in Bristol, UK. I have spent some years travelling and living abroad in USA, Australia, Asia and Canada and so decided to focus my final self-directed design work on ‘Expats and Living Abroad’.

    I am currently inviting expats to participate in my project by answering a short online questionnaire on my blog: The results of the survey as well as interviews which I plan to carry out with expats will form the basis for my study over the next 6 months. Interested parties can sign up to receive updates on the project and can even be part of a review panel for design solutions I propose.

    If you would like to take part or think this may be of interest to your readers I would be really grateful if you could add it to your website or suggest where I could post an entry about it.

    Many thanks, best regards
    Sam Barber

  2. Guest says:

    It’s a informative post. I have read your post and I get some good information form it. Article submission is one of goof for traffic as well as get a back-links.

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