Welcome to the Spring 2011 Issue of Black Expat Magazine. We have been going strong now for almost three years and appreciate the comments and encouragement of our readers, both long-time and new. We continue to strive to provide you with interesting content from people around the world crafting interesting lives.

This month’s issue features expats from several parts of the world in Europe and Asia. We also tell the interesting story of expats in Hawaii before World War II:

Mandy Gaines, living as a jazz singer in the most luxurious hotels across Asia;

Roxanne L. Scott, using teaching to travel Latin America and China;

Rosemary, a Cameroonian expat living in Cambodia;

Jemitra Hairston, living in the Netherlands and loving it;

Black in the Day: The story of Blacks in early modern Hawaii


Please again, send your comments and enjoy!

The Editors


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    Good to see you!

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    Good to see you too! Thanks for replying!

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