Welcome back Black Expats! In this 2011 summer issue we will again bring you the stories of expats from around the world. In this issue we stretch our gaze across three continents and five decades of growth and discovery.

From Europe:

Natasha Vassell details her first experiences traveling in Europe and falling in love with Germany and Italy as well as Hyelhirra Adamu a Nigerian going to medical school in Hungary.

From Asia:

Brian Dye in Seoul is our featured Black Expat interview and Oneika Raymond discusses teaching in Hong Kong and living the serial expat life.

From Australia:

Our Black in the Day features the stories of Australian Black Expats stretching over 200 years from the first prisoners to Jet Magazine beauty queens.

Once again your comments and stories are always welcome!

The Editors
Adrianne George
Mark McCullough
Reginald Smith


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3 Responses to “From the Editors’ Desk – Summer 2011”

  1. Lgeogal226 says:

    Black Expat is a wonderful adventure in living abroad;  each issue is filled with experiences we stay-at-homes can only dream about—and what dreams we have!  Keep up the good work and may God bless you editors for letting us live vicariously in the lives of the adventurous!   Mrs. Luvenia George

  2. Reggie says:

    Thanks for the great comment! I’m happy we were able to help!

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